We are again on the point of madness at this time of the year, whether we like it or not, the rush is on for that last minute present, for that forgotten monumental food item, stuck at the till after navigating through the horde, stuck in traffic getting there and returning, and soon, no longer than the blink of an eye, it's over and the clearing up begins, with presents you neither want nor can find anything to do with, much the same as the people you bought for, yet everyone praises and thanks the other for their precious gifts. Families choke while trapped together, when in ordinary circumstances they couldn't be paid to remain there. But now it's over, and there's New Year to look forward to. The good thing is there's always booze and copious food to retreat to.

Then there are the New Year sales and diets to choose from. One mustn't forget the holiday promotions and the urgency to book before the best bargains are taken. The industry continues no matter what is taking place. It's crude and insidious but we all fall for it in one way or another. There are many ways to be brainwashed.

And yet it used to be so innocent.

Catch you on the other side - wherever that may be - hopefully in one piece!