There are ways to travel without oppression and that is to go by oneself and not encounter company on the journey, cut out the rope that holds one bondage, throw away what one has and embrace the unknown, the thrill of Nature, what Christians call God, what Rastafarians call Jah, a word that represents freedom and love in a holy context, a place where the spirit lies, where humanity congregates and discharges the chains that hold them captive to a concept and methodology that they themselves created, never satisfied, every action justified, everyone right, as Dylan said "with God on our side", said by man and not a holy being - spirit - that which redeems - they aspire and fall at the gate, charged guilty, purile and evil, when they were built through the eye of pure beauty, the way a man envisions his perfect woman, meets her and seeks to destroy her by whatever means, because he never learns, always striving for what is a hand's stretch away, never what is there, never treasuring love, love of everything, the fat and the thin, there is little difference, apart perhaps for healthy and unhealthy, and outside the nonsense He waits in the turmoil of His sacred rule, or so it began, if you are reading this you will wonder who He is and pretend ignorance, that you don't know whose name is cried when you feel pain, face potential danger, pin-prick a nail, it's salvation we search for all our days ... all our days ... all our days ... if you are reading this you will wonder What is all our days when you have already reached there ... when you have already reacehd there ... yes, when you have already reached there.

If you see me I won't be there because I was never here! He, however, is everywhere! This is our most Precious moment! She who wears a wig in fear, becoming the mistress of sin. Come in unclothed, not a thought in mind, and give yourself, and all sins will be dispelled! Trust in what you do not know and walk the streets, explore the world and be free! So says this long-lived oak tree! Peace